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Hello, and welcome to Creative Heart a community made for writers, graphics makers, photographers, artists, and singers. If you’re interested in joining, please scroll down and read all of the rules to make sure that you would still like to join after reading them. We welcome all sorts of different type of creative people, so if you have a question about something that you want to put up but aren’t sure if it’s allowed, please contact either of the moderators (scroll down to the contact information for how to contact us).

For you writers out there, we do allow fan fiction to be posted, but please don’t forget to put up a disclaimer and say that it isn’t your work; you never know who might not know the fandom that you’re writing in. All graphics are accepted (icons, friends only banners, wallpapers, et cetera), so please don’t be shy and post any of your graphics! The artists and photographers may post up any of their work as well, but, please, if it isn’t work safe, put it behind an lj-cut (like everything should be no matter what) and put in bolded/large font that what is behind the cut isn’t appropriate to be looked at while at work or school. To those of you interested in singing, you are able to record your voice while you’re singing and post it up as well.

We have several rules that you all must follow when you join, so please don’t just skip over this part. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning, a temporary banning, and then, if it continues, permanent banning. The first time, we will refer you to this page for the rules, as well as the second time, but after the third time, you’re going to be banned from the community. To be honest with you, we do not want to have to ban anyone, but we will if we have to.

001. As the most of you could have guessed, there will be no stealing of any of the artwork, literature pieces, graphics, photographs, et cetera. Failure to comply with this will result in an automatic banning. I have zero tolerance for thieves who can’t come up with their own ideas.
002. If you would like to use the graphics, comment and let the graphic maker know that you are going to use it. It’s all right if you forget, but please, please at least remember to put up the maker of the icon or the community that you got it from. We will warn you about this if you fail to comply with this rule.
003. If you’re interested in the characters from an original piece and would like to use them in a sort of fan fiction, ask the author before you go and start writing your own thing with their characters. If the answer is no, respect that and do not go behind the original writer’s back and do something with their characters; do not disobey them. Not listening to the author’s wishes will results in consequences.
004. We all have opinions, but please don’t be too harsh in your criticism. The type of criticism that is accepted is constructive, so keep comments constructive instead of derogatory. That means that saying something like, “You suck, so stop writing/drawing/sing/et cetera,” is absolutely unacceptable. If you don’t think that it’s very good, tell the person how they can get better at what they do in your comments.
005. Along with the previous rule about criticism, if you’re complimenting a person, let them know what you liked rather than just saying, “Oh, it was good, keep it up.” Compliments are nice, but reasons for why you think it’s nice are even better, so don’t forget to give reasons!

More will be added if they need to be.

Just a warning to you all, Kirstie is an extremely tough critic when it comes to writing. If you do not want her to comment on something that you wrote, just say so and she will respect your wishes. Or, if you would like her to comment, you can say how harsh you would like her to be, so don’t be afraid to have her give constructive criticism easily at first, and then work your way up to the really harsh stuff. Saying something like, “Do your worst!” will in fact get her to, you guessed it, do her worst. Along with her criticism will be strong points of the piece that was written. She isn’t a complete bitch.

We will try to comment on everything that is posted, but sometimes it’s going to be hard for us to find the time to do it. We’re both still in school, and Kirstie is in her senior year in high school, so things are going to get stressful for her with the two AP classes that she's taking. Stacie is in her freshman year in high school, so things are busy for her because of the classes that she's taking. Be patient and we’ll be sure to find some time in our schedules to look at what you’ve posted, so don’t get discouraged if we don’t respond quickly! We love looking at other people’s artistic abilities, but sometimes we find it difficult to find the right words to describe what we just went over and we might need some time to think of the correct words.

Here is how you can find out how to contact either of the two moderators.

AIM: Kousuke Blade
E-mail: PitchBlackFlower@yahoo.com
LiveJournal: erethesunrises

AIM: Retro Carbon or Stuck On Roy
E-mail: KirstieDanielle@gmail.com
LiveJournal: thepinkone

Feel free to contact us whenever you would like to talk to someone. If you’re looking for early help on something, just ask away and we will try our hardest to help you with whatever it is you need help with. Also, if you’re having a hard time in your life and want someone to listen and give advice to you, feel free to let us know in an IM or an e-mail. It’s best to keep those matters private rather than bringing it to the community.

We won’t bite your heads off if you come to us outside of the community to talk. The both of us are extremely kind people and will take the time to talk to people when we’re contacted in any way, so don’t be shy if you want to talk to either of us more in depth than the community allows.

Note: Both Stacie and Kirstie's personal Live Journals are friends only, so if you would like to be added to it, comment on their friends only post and let them know where you’re from and how you know them. More than likely they’ll add you back if you’ve previously added them.

If you want to be affiliates, please leave a comment on this post with the necessary information to be affiliates with us. We only ask for the community you want us to affiliate with, so we’re not really too strict about whom we affiliate with.

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